NCS Institute

NCS Institute

The Nigeria Common Sense Institute mobilise, package, provides and offer conferences, seminars and road shows to showcase common and good ideas, strategies and platform to inspire and market our common good as a nation both at home and in Diaspora.

The Institution will bring together quarterly leading politicians and private sector executives to share best practices.

With a 55 years heritage since independence showed Nigeria to be able to exercise and implement common sense to deal and do the needful to make the country great.  By working with leading political parties and or leaders, universities, organisations, NGOs and think tanks, we create and share knowledge to provide good governance, government, entrepreneurs and the public with fresh thinking and authoritative common sense and guidance on all aspects of national importance and government.

We truly believe we can improve the Nigerian situation through common sense and legal frame-work.

We’re therefore seeking an avenue coupled with the ones available to shout about the achievements of our leaders, providing positives results, sharing inspiring messages into our societies, towns, schools and out into the media.

Our ethos is to be independent of both government and business, but working with those in the public and private sectors to achieved the desired needed results.

As a member of the NCS

You will be receiving updates and news on latest projects and programme
Benefit from a wealth of political and business leaders in an inspirational
Enjoy representation at every level of government such as shared by the Senator
Access a range of national mentoring and business services