NCS Award

NCS Award

Nigeria Common Sense Awards is a yearly award to recognise Nigerians with what is term utilising common sense to change lives; nominated and finally elected by the stakeholders and Board as  a person that utilises Common and Good sense to implement, execute and provide much needed in his professional calling be it in public or private sector.

The Nigeria Common Sense Awards will be consistent in rewarding the very best examples of Nigerians in development, socio-economic empowerment, investment, innovation, management, non-ethnic, non-religious and a mentor.

Every year, around 1,000 Nigerians will be expected to fill the venue, and this Awards dinner will be seen as an ideal opportunity for showcasing the changes expected for better and good governance in Nigeria. Your support as a sponsor represents an excellent way of raising the profile of your organisation with the key people in the country.

It is called the Nigeria Common Sense Award.

The Awards takes place in the month of May to coincides with the Nigerian Democracy Month!
A Nigerian Common Sense award, designed to recognize the tireless work of government and her business executives engaged in promoting good values, could serve as an incentive to greater innovation and better nation.

This award would identify and reward those Nigerians leaders in public and private sector as well as ordinary Nigerians who have shown enthusiasm in and dedication to uplifting and making Common Sense in daily activities of their lives and who have made a significant impact on ensuring respect for the people and community stakeholders alike.

Main Objectives
The granting of an Nigeria Common Sense award will result in significant public recognition and will serve as an incentive to keep the governed and Nigerians engaged in the good governance with examples as seen.

The primary aim of the award programme is to:
1. Encourage and stimulate the Nigerians to make the fight against bad governance and to common sense acceptable for and adopt ethical business/governance a higher standards;
2. Raise awareness among leaders and employees on how to recognize uniting force binding us together
3. Set quality standards and benchmarks by showcasing and promoting some of the breakthroughs made by the leaders
4. Create a responsive platform that acknowledges good practices, spurs action and common sense.